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Team Delcom

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Back to scale-up

Even though Delcom has a history of over 25 years we work and accelerate with a scale-up mentality. For the last couple of years Delcom has made some radical choices to redesign most of her products and work with the latest technologies. These choices have opened new doors and created strong growth opportunities. Delcom has made the pivot from advanced software development to a product company with advanced integrations and a great growth potential in front of her.

Continuous development

With highly advanced software development for the fitness, wellness, leisure and recreational sectors Delcom operates in a constant growing niche where, without always knowing it, many people have been in touch with our products.


Delcom's team is driven by ambition, fun and works on a distributed vision. Simply said this means you decide where you want to work, at home, in our office in Amsterdam or Spain or from any other location. You decide where you work best. We invest in spending time together both digitally and several times a year in person.

Job Opportunities

At Delcom, you’ll be part of a diverse and ambitious team that’s wants to make a difference. You’ll be working with the latest technologies to answer our customers’ most advanced questions and challenges.


You’ll be working with the latest technologies to answer our customers’ most complex and advanced questions and requests.


You’re a scale-up ready team player, willing to push the bar to achieve ambitious targets and not afraid to face new challenges. Hungry to learn and share your knowledge, passionate about programming and new technologies.


Full Stack Developer

Spain, distributed


Medior/ Senior

Frontend Developer

Spain, distibuted


Medior/ Senior

Backend Developer

Spain, distributed



1st Line Customer Support

16 - 24 u/p/w

Netherlands, distributed

Ops & Implementation


Spain, Netherlands, distributed


2nd Line Customer Support

32 - 40 u/p/w

Netherlands, distributed


Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We believe core values come from the team. That's why we, as a team, looked at how we work, what we find important in life and how this is expressed in our joint effort to constantly grow as team.


“The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.”

T. Roos

Delcom Springbreak 😉


Don’t just pass the ball.


Never underestimate the importance of having fun.


Feel the fear, do it anyway.


Just say it. Just listen.

Meet The Team


Eva Benikovszky at Delcom.JPG

Eva Benikovszky

Junior Developer

"Working at Delcom has given me the opportunity to learn working with the latest technologies. Besides the emphasis on team building and personal growth is what makes me enjoy my work every day."


Kevin Philippo


"For me the team is what makes the difference at Delcom. Even though we are a fan of working distributed we are still close as a team and have a lot of fun. And when you are ambitious your learning curve can be as steep as you want it to be."

Stijn Post at Delcom.JPG

Stijn Post

Lead Developer

"As a lead responsible for our Next-Gen platform I enjoy being a mentor and being part of an ambitious team. Working with the latest technologies opens doors to numerous new ideas, integrations and advanced technological solutions."

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